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Hello! My name is Mrs. Blake and I am the nurse at Oxford Middle School. There are many important papers that need to be on file in my office for every student. Please read the information below to see if it pertains to your child. Click on the links to download and print out a copy of the forms if needed. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Mandatory Physical Assessment

Dear Parents, One of the most important documents we receive in School Nursing is the HAR-health assessment record (Blue Form). State law requires that all students entering 7th grade have physical assessments. These assessments serve to document adequate immunizations and any health issues that may impact your child while they attend school. We are making a few clarifications to our policy to help parents schedule their physicals in order to get these forms in on time. *NOTE: We have changed the mandated physical assessment from 6th to 7th grade to coincide with required 7th grade immunizations as of 2016. 

All 6th graders 2016-17 *A completed HAR-health assessment record is due in the nurse’s office no later than December of 7th grade. *This physical exam must be dated between Jan 1, 2017 and December 31st, 2017 to be valid. *The front of HAR form must be completed and signed by a parent/guardian. *The second page must have all *asterisks areas completed including height, weight, blood pressure, gross dental, postural, vision, hearing, speech and HCT/HGB. The chronic disease section must also be completed and the form must be signed and dated by your physician. Forms that are incomplete will be returned for completion. *Immunizations can be written in or an electronic copy can be attached to the HAR. 

Sports physicals Please note: ALL students participating in a middle school or high school sports MUST have a physical EVERY YEAR. This physical is required to be in the nurse’s office prior to the first day of team practice/try outs. The HAR (blue form) also serves as a sports physical form. Physicals must be dated within 13 months of the start of practice/try outs and cannot expire during the sport’s season. 

Helpful hints: *Schedule your child’s physical early. MD offices get very busy in the summer. *Always copy your child’s physical on all sides and keep a copy. Offices often charge a fee for additional forms. *Many local offices will NOT fax this form. Be prepared to have the HAR (blue form) with you at your appointment. Forms can also be downloaded on the District web site. Enclosed you will find the HAR (blue form) that you will need to bring to your physical appointment. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, Shelley Blake RN GOMS Health Office 203-888-5418

Sports at Oxford Middle School

Every student must have an updated Physical on file in my office to practice and tryout. Physicals are valid for 13 months. The following forms are needed:

Blue Health Assessment Record, and 
a copy of Immunization Record 
A & B forms must be updated once a year. (Forms under Athletics)

Injuries should be reported to the nurse. Doctors must supply a note for use of elevator, crutches and excuse from gym. When cleared, another Doctor's note will be required to resume gym and sports activities.


No medications should be brought into school by your child. If a medication is needed during school hours, a School Medication Authorization form must be completed and brought in with the medication in its original container. If you would like for your child to receive Regular Strength Tylenol, Ibuprofen, or Tums, during school hours, you must complete the Tylenol and Tums form. This includes any over-the-counter/temporary medication as well.


Any student who will be absent or tardy from school for any reason should call the school before 8:30 am. This is to ensure the safety of your child


Homework will be collected for students after he or she has been sick/injured for 3 consecutive days or more. However the child's parent must call the school the morning of the 3rd day of absence to request the homework. You and your child can access PowerSchool for most homework and assignments. Please update PowerSchool with any changes of home and/or cell phone numbers.